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It’s All in a [Network] Name

I’ve been looking forward to getting a new network card. Having multiple ports would give me some more flexibility with setting up my virtualized home lab for CCNA. I found a great deal on a quad port Intel PRO/1000 gigabit adapter for roughly $18 on eBay so I scooped one up and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive. When it did, I shutdown my Dell T5400, opened the side panel and was getting ready to line up the network card with a PCIe slot when I noticed my first problem:

Making Use of my Raspberry Pi

What? I’ve had a Raspberry Pi B+ and Odroid-C1 lying around collecting dust for a while now, so I’ve decided to make use of them by migrating services from my virtualized environment. Why? Single Board Computer’s (SBC’s) like my Raspberry Pi and Odroid consume much less power than my Dell T5400, and they’re sufficiently powerful to handle the services that I’ll be running on them for now. This allows me more flexibility to play with my Proxmox box without having to worry about interrupting anything.

The Beginning

Since I officially launched this site a few days ago, I’ve almost immediately hit a mental block on the content that I want to create. There are so many projects and small accomplishments over the last few months and I feel there is some value in sharing them all - if anything just to get the writing juices flowing now that the hours of staring at code have finally come to fruition.